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Just a few….

In the last post I promised individual images of the latest work recently sent to Studio Ingot in Melbourne, so here are a few of the pieces.

I chose to post these as you can see how the use of colour works with the dark grey of the metal, and also how the light changes the hue to different shades as each shape folds out at a different angle.

The first one below I particularly enjoyed making and did contemplate keeping for myself.Unfolding and Unfolding pendant, Leonie Westbrook, 2015Fold Out circular pendant, orange. Leonie Westbrook 2015Fold Out circular pendant, yellow. Leonie Westbrook 2015Fold Out circular pendant, blue. Leonie Westbrook 2015Fold Out circular pendant, dark orange. Leonie Westbrook 2015


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Studio Ingot window display…

I recently sent some new work to Studio Ingot in Melbourne, and was very pleased to receive an email with this image of the new work in the process of being arranged in their front window. Individual images of all the work will be in a future post.

Leonie Westbrook at Studio Ingot window display December 2015

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Radiant Pavilion

So back in September (as mentioned in my previous post) I ventured over to Melbourne to attend Radiant Pavilion (also known as ‘rad pav’ which is so great to say), and wanted to write something about the experience.

My main reason for going to rad pav was I had some work in the exhibition Illuminate at Studio Ingot, plus it was an excellent opportunity to attend many of the other events on offer, plus as I spend most my working time solo in my home studio, it was also a welcome chance to re/connect with other jewellers. By the end of the week my feet were sore, but I was in a state of satisfied exhausted awe. It was quite a treat to experience such a variety of events and the range and depth of work on show was a reaffirmation that the industry is vibrant, relevant, and there are so many jewellers thriving and exploring the many aspects of contemporary jewellery. I think the show I enjoyed the most was Go, said the bird at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, in particular the work of Inari Kiuru, whose work was so subtle and beautiful.

Really great stuff, and I will most definitely be going to the next rad pav, regardless of whether I have work in an exhibition or some other involvement. On a personal note it was very satisfying to see my own work on show at Studio Ingot, and not just many red dots in the exhibition, but also on my work. I have photos of all of my pieces on my website leoniewestbrook.com

Plus I have to share this photo (below) I took at the Illuminate opening of the Studio Ingot front window, one of my necklaces is far right.

Window Illuminate 2015 Studio Ingot

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I have been invited to participate in  Illuminate  an exhibition at Studio Ingot, which starts tomorrow and features neckpieces by 15 artists.  I am really very happy (and nervous!) to be exhibiting alongside some well respected jewellers whose work I have admired many times in the past.

Illuminate is part of Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery Trail which runs from 1st – 6th September There are many other jewellery related exhibitions, projects and fabulous things happening throughout this week in and around Melbourne, and I am looking forward to experiencing as much as possible of what is on offer. Here is a link to the website Radiant Pavilion

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